In a Nutshell

Andy Field is Professor of Child Psychopathology at the University of Sussex, UK. Historically he researches emotion development in children, but increasingly he sits alone in a cave full of glow-worms listening to heavy metal and 70’s rock and looking at numbers.  He is author of the bestselling textbook ‘Discovering Statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics: and sex and drugs and rock n’ roll’, for which he won the British Psychological Society book award in 2007. It is now in its fourth edition and has been cited over 26,000 times in scientific papers. He has subsequently written versions of the book for SAS and R. Most recently, he published ‘An Adventure In Statistics: The Reality Enigma’, which aims to teach statistics through a fictional story.

His uncontrollable enthusiasm for teaching statistics to psychologists has led to teaching awards from the University of Sussex (2001, 2015, 2016), the British Psychological Society (2006) and a prestigious National Teaching fellowship (2010). He’s done lots of other academic things too but he finds it tedious trying to remember what they might have been. None of them really matter because in the unlikely event that you’ve ever heard of him it’ll be as the ‘Stats book guy’. In his spare time, he plays the drums very noisily in a heavy metal band, which he finds therapeutic. Ironically, despite being well known for his love of cats, he hasn’t lived with one since his much-loved ‘Fuzzy’ died in 2016. Instead he fills this emotional void with a wife, two sons, and a crazy cocker spaniel called Ramsey.

Slander and Lies

An Adventure in Statistics

My speech at the launch of An Adventure in Statistics

Questions about the book

Working with illustrator Jaames Iles

What I learnt from James Iles

How James found working with me

Hidden messages and favourite illustrations

James talking about working on the book

James and I talking about my dodgy artwork descriptions

James on working in the dark because I didn’t plan properly

James and I discuss the Bridge of Death

Discovering Statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics

About the book

The part that I hated writing

About Me

Musical heroes and guitars

Science Fiction

The first thing I notice about people

My dream dinner party

Why is my website hell themed?1

Would I write a stats book for the general public?

Teaching Statistics


Lecture about Teaching Statistics

  • Given at the University of Oxford, click here

Studying statistics at University of Sussex (July 2010)

Unconventional statistics examples

  1. It isn’t anymore!